Microbiome research has expanded dramatically over the last ten years in large part due to the exponential reduction in high-throughput DNA sequencing costs. The introduction of benchtop sequencing platforms now allows virtually any clinical laboratory to perform massively parallel DNA sequencing, leading to a potential strain on the lab's computational resources and bioinformatics staff to process and interpret the results.

Resphera Biosciences is developing innovative computational and statistical approaches to microbiome sequence analysis that deliver clinically relevant results, enabling doctors and scientists to better identify potential pathogens and characterize dysbiosis in complex microbial environments.

Through our advancements in algorithms and technology, we hope to enhance microbiome and metagenomic studies in a variety of scientific fields:


Resphera Discovery

Resphera Discovery (v1.3) is a research-grade protocol developed to provide state-of-the-art comparative analysis of 16S rRNA, 18S rRNA or internal transcribed spacer (ITS) amplicon sequence datasets generated using next-generation sequencing (NGS) technologies. Resphera will work with the client's sequencing core/vendor to provide rapid turn-around time from raw sequence data to comprehensive analysis and statistically rigorous results.

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Resphera Insight

Resphera Insight (v2.2) is a clinical-grade proprietary analysis protocol developed to provide ultra-high-resolution taxonomic assignment of 16S rRNA sequences to species-level membership. This computationally intensive procedure maintains the capacity for 99.9% sensitivity and >99.5% species-level specificity for hundreds of bacterial pathogens, and in cases of ambiguous membership, predicts an accurate consensus lineage. Resphera Insight is ideal for in-depth clinical microbiology and microbiome studies.*

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